Hair styling : Gels vs Creams ?!

Hair styling : Gels vs Creams ?!

Your haircut tells a lot about you,it completes your look if it’s good and can ruin your day if it’s really that bad! 

We usually get confused between hair styling gels or styling creams , Let us walk you through both and you decide.

Hair gels can cause real damage to your hair

1- It can leave your hair dry and brittle:

Hair gels contain a mixture of chemicals that can strip your hair off its natural moisture and when it begins to dry out it becomes more prone to breakage.

2- Lead to hair fall:

Hair gels eventually will build up on your scalp and clog the hair follicles and that will make hair roots weaker and cause hair fall.

3- Major cause of dandruff:

Using hair gels continuously can cause itching and irritation and will give a way to dry,flaky skin on your scalp.

Hair cream is healthier, more gentle and soft on your hair especially if it's made of natural ingredients, it’s also non flaky or sticky.

When you hit the barber shop for a new haircut you get a fresh look and hairstyle but once you wash your hair, bam, the new haircut is gone, right? No it is not! Fortunately Trims 10 is here and got your back!

 Trims 10 formulated a hair styling cream that will help you structure your hair just the way you want it and will give you the fresh look of a new haircut as if you were just got out of the barber shop!

It’s not only gonna give you the style and look you want, but also it will give you medium hold without hair feeling too hard or too dry, besides a great matte natural look that’s way more attractive than that wet look of styling gels!

It’s also like food for your hair as it's rich in vitamins such as vitamin E and provitamin B5 which help to nourish,

make it healthier and repair hair damage caused by hair styling gels! Get it now from here 

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