You are 4 steps away from a healthy hair!


Follow these Tips for a healthy simple hair routine


1- No Shampooing Everyday:

It’s a sure thing that using shampoo is important. It helps to remove all dirt, debris and odors such as smoke or sweat but on the other hand overusing it will strip all moisture and natural oils that the scalp produces leaving the hair dry,dull and damaged.

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only shampoo the roots of your hair. The ends will be cleaned when you rinse the shampoo out of your roots. That will keep your hair strong and healthy.

2- No hot Water:

Overusing hot water on hair is anyway not good for the hair health. It eliminates oil from your scalp and hair and that’s lead to frizzy, brittle and dry hair, and also can cause itchiness and dandruff.

Additionally, hot water makes your roots weak which will definitely result in hair breakage and fall. Try cold water as it seals the follicles and locks in moisture which  leaves your hair looking extra hydrated, frizz-free and shiny.

3 - Go slow on Hats:

Hats don’t usually cause any harm to your hair but if you overuse them or use tight hats that puts pressure on the scalp, overtime this will cause fragile follicles, and then hair fall.

Also go easy on your hair while styling, as very tight pulled-back hairstyles such as buns,ponytails and cornrows can cause damage to your hair.

4- Add conditioner to your hair-care routine:

Hair conditioner is like a moisturizer for your hair, it gives your hair the moisture and hydration it needs, it also nourishes and protects your hair from everyday damage.

Conditioning is essential to prevent hair from being dry, frizzy and reduce split ends and hair breakage.

Try Trims 10 hair conditioner that’s 100% made of natural ingredients from argan and coconut oils that will help you get detangled, nourished and silky smooth hair from the very first use!

Get it now and love your hair!

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