Why should you use a moisturizer and sunscreen?

Why should you use a moisturizer and sunscreen?

Working all day in the sun can be devastating to our skin. That's why using sunscreen is not a luxury, it's a must !

We know adding another step to your routine can be overwhelming but we made a shortcut for you, to reach your ultimate skincare routine with the least effort.


First comes first, what is a facial moisturizer with SPF ( sun protective factor) ?

It’s a combination of a facial moisturizer that also has a sunscreen in its formula it merges two daily skincare essential steps sunscreen and hydration.

In short, it provides SPF benefits while keeping your skin supple and hydrated. So why should you use it?

1- Save time,effort and money:

SPF moisturizer combines  the hydrating and SPF steps of your routine, it will protect you from harmful UV rays and its insidious effects that it has on our skin.

This includes dark spots, skin laxity, rough texture, and uneven skin tone. At the same time it will help keep your skin hydrated and elastic.

This will make it easy for you to start your skincare journey without the headache of too many steps and products.

2- It's a powerful anti-aging:

Hydration makes your skin barrier healthier so that it can better protect the deeper layers of your skin so that it can better protect the deeper layers of your skin.

SPF protects your skin against environmental damage, like UV rays and free radicals and prevents UV rays from reaching the second layer of your skin that has collagen and elastin.

All of that helps to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming in the long term.


Ensure effectiveness of your SPF and moisturizer:

Since you must apply your sunscreen after you moisturize- if you use separate products - this can leave a heavy greasy feeling on your skin and ball up because the product hasn’t absorbed into the skin fully.

but using 2 in 1 products will be lighter on your skin. You won’t feel that you added another layer on your skin or you are wearing a mask all day!


Use Trims 10 SPF moisturizer with over 12 hours of hydration to enjoy the feeling of smooth,soft skin while protecting it against sun damage with SPF 30!

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